Rudy-Lee Taurua

Multi award-winning rising star Rudy-Lee Taurua has already made an impressive mark on the Australian comedy scene in the short few years since he first hit the stage to give stand-up comedy a crack.

Starting out on the star-making Adelaide Comedy scene in 2019, Rudy quickly earned a reputation as ‘The Stereotype Crusher’ for the way he challenges a crowd’s first impressions of him. As Rudy told Scenestr,

“My head’s covered in tattoos, and I present as what most would call a toxically masculine man, as in I look and sound like a straight person, yet I’m half-caste Maori and homosexual… I like to feed off the preconceived ideas and then use my sexuality as a bit of a surprise half-way through the show, and then talk about my experiences within the gay community.”

In 2019 Rudy was awarded both Best Newcomer and People’s Choice at the Adelaide Comedy Awards, before progressing on in 2020 to be crowned State Finalist (SA) in Australia’s most prestigious comedy competition, triple j’s RAW Comedy.

2021 saw him perform in the National RAW finals to a sold-out crowd at Melbourne Town Hall, before going on to perform full solo seasons at Sydney and Perth Comedy Festivals.

It is a testament to Rudy’s dedication to his craft, innate writing ability and charismatic presence that in just a few years since making his start in stand-up, Rudy or ‘Rudes’ as he’s affectionally known already has high-profile supporters including Nat’s What I Reckon, Mickey D and Fiona O’Loughlin, with the industry favourite already being booked to perform at all the major venues on the Australian comedy circuit.

Extracting comedy from his own stories, including childhood trauma, addiction and recovery, Rudy is proud to stake his place as a voice for the queers, the Brothers the Sisters and everyone in between.

A genuinely charismatic and exciting talent, this comedy dynamo is a force to be reckoned with and in a class of his own.

Insightful, warm… raw and hard hitting. Wall to wall incisive laughs!

★★★★ Fringefeed

Rudes kicks off the show with a bang and leaps straight into the no-holds-barred comedy with gusto.

Weekend Notes

A game-changer, the next big thing!

Fiona O’Loughlin

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