Karen from Finance - Out Of Office

Pack your calculators, save your spread sheets and set your automatic email replies because Karen From Finance is heading Out of Office! She’s hitting the road and she’s hitting it hard. Say goodbye to the 80-hour work week, and jump on board the Finance express for this one-woman journey of self-discovery…and self-annihilation.

Fresh from an acclaimed debut season at Perth’s FRINGE WORLD festival, beloved Australian Drag Queen Karen presents her multi award-winning one woman debut Out of Office. Featuring all of her trademark high-camp and hilarious mash-ups, plus all the tomfoolery you can poke a presentation pointer at.

Karen has carved her way into the national and international drag scene with her unique and exciting character play and iconically Australian wit and humour. In a world where drag is ever evolving and ever changing, Karen From Finance presents a hilarious life size cartoon-like comedy sense that pays homage to the old-world of drag that we fell in love with in Priscilla, to one that pushes the boundaries and expectations of the new-age scene, presenting a brilliant night of entertainment fit for young and old alike.

Incredible, hilarious… a silly, funny and powerful performance that the audience lived for

– Drag Adventures

Karen has an obvious star power – leaving the audience in stitches

– OUTinPerth

Had the audience in the sort of hysterics that nearly required medical assistance

– Arts Review

Karen’s Phantom of the Opera meets Vanessa Carlton number complete with a suspended jewel-encrusted keyboard sent the audience wild

– The Reviews Hub (UK)

Sat 28 Mar - Sat 18 Apr 2020 Victoria STAY TUNED FOR RESCHEDULED DATES Coming Soon

Out Of Office

Saturday 28 March - Saturday 18 April, 2020 | 11:15pm STAY TUNED FOR RESCHEDULED DATES
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