will bring a much loved comedy form, Improv Comedy, to the digital world. With a long and illustrious entertainment tradition Improv shows have spanned the world, and having been featured as top rating TV shows globally; will live stream this proven form of comedic entertainment to the digital world for the very first time.

This will provide unique and ground-breaking opportunities for audience members both in the room, and watching the streamed event to be able to interact in the traditional Improv style. Providing suggestions, tips, topics and feedback in real time, both physically and digitally., will provide audiences worldwide with an exciting and unique entertainment format. Grounded in the tried and true form of Improv performance, but with a modern twist, in addition to engagement with both the physical space on the stage, audiences live in the room and watching the stream and via the digital integration of content and interactivity.

We have assembled an exciting and very experienced cast of six improv “players”. All six are active in performing Improv, and have had training in the many and varied games and forms of Improv, their training and background extend to schools both here in Australia and in the USA. You can get more info on the Cast at links below.

In the current covid climate, the games and performances will be designed to create comedic value from the social distancing requirements that are currently in place

Meet the Cast:

Plus a very special guest each and every show!

SHOW FOUR – Friday 5 March 2021 – Special Rescheduled Season Finale with a NEW TIME & a very Special Guest!

Friday 5 March 2021

Special Guest:
Michael Hing

Australia Fri 5 Mar 7.00pm AEDT (NSW, VIC, TAS, ACT)
6.30pm ACDT (SA)
6.00pm AEST (QLD)
5.30pm ACST (NT)
4.00pm AWST (WA)
New Zealand Fri 5 Mar 9.00pm NZDT
Europe Fri 5 Mar 11.00pm MSK
10.00am EET
9.00am CET
8.00am WET/GMT
North America Fri 5 Mar 12.00am PST
3.00am EST

*Line up subject to change

Special Guest: MICHAEL HING

Michael Hing is a comedian, actor and terrible party guest. He’s not very good in group situations, or one-on-one, or by himself, unless there’s some sort of organised activity to keep us distracted from the void that lives and grows within us all. His political comedy features regularly on SBS Viceland’s The Feed, for which one time he was shortlisted to be nominated to be a candidate to win a Logie. It was for best new talent. He had been on TV for about 5 years at this point.
In 2018, he was invited to the Logies as a guest, and during the one interview he did on the red carpet, the interviewer asked who he was and then called him the wrong name several times, mistaking him from celebrity chef Adam Liaw.

Michael is a regular on triple j, where he used to work as a dj, and in that capacity he has eaten over 65 chongus pills, opened a hotline for anyone to call him, and performed as part of triple j’s One Night Stand Up gala.
He has performed stand up comedy around Australia, and internationally, studied improv at UCB in Los Angeles and New York, and if you can believe it has both a Dungeons and Dragons podcast, and also a comedy podcast about classifieds.
He appeared in the Stan Original Series The Other Guy, and is the host of the SBS documentary series Where Are You Really From?.
One of his many side hustles is hosting television shows about video games. He was a host on the ABC’s Good Game and also hosted the Oceanic Pro League, an esports broadcast for Riot Games.

One time he made it to Div 2 in FIFA seasons, but that was a long time ago.

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SHOW ONE: Monday 30 November 2020 – Special Guest – Bruce “Hoppo” Hopkins

Monday 30 November 2020

Special Guest:
Bruce “Hoppo” Hopkins


One of the world’s most influential and recognised Lifeguards, Bruce “Hoppo” Hopkins is a highly regarded water sportsman and Australian media personality.

As Head Lifeguard at Australia’s Bondi Beach, Hoppo has appeared in fourteen of a total fifteen seasons of the hit television show Bondi Rescue. The hugely successful Ten Network show is based around the Lifeguard Service at Bondi Beach and follows the numerous rescues and day-to-day activities of the lifeguards. Now airing in over 180 countries worldwide including Netflix USA, Bondi Rescue has won six Logie Awards and two nominations, has reached over 1.6 million viewers during the highest rating period and is still the most watched show on the Discovery Channel.

Hoppo has made guest appearances on TV and radio including The Project, Ten News, Studio 10, NOVA, KIIS FM & WSFM and more, and reached over 10 million people in conjunction with a national water safety campaign in January 2018 to highlight water safety in the ocean and backyard pools during a drowning epidemic.

As President of Surf Educators International (SEI), an organisation that specialises in the education of water safety with a key focus to minimise drowning numbers globally. SEI has taken Hoppo around the world as a consultant to Japan, India, Maldives, Dubai, UK and Sweden.

SHOW TWO – Monday 7 December 2020 – Special Guest – Amos Gill

Monday 7 December 2020

Special Guest: Amos Gill

Special Guest: AMOS GILL

One of the hottest comedians in Australia and now swiftly making a name for himself globally, Amos Gill divides his time between Australia and the USA. A cherished Adelaide identity thanks to his four years hosting the Amos, Cat & Angus breakfast radio show for Australia’s biggest broadcaster Southern Cross Austereo.

On TV, Amos hosted Wacky World Beaters for ABC3, was a recurring guest on The Full Brazilian (SBS) and in a starring role for Fox Footy sitcom Four Quarters. Amos has hosted the Australian Cinematographers Society Award-winning series, Footy Plus – which aired on Friday night TV (Channel 7) as well as on the AFC’s digital platform and appeared in multiple TV galas including the MICF Allstars Comedy Gala, ABC2’s Comedy Up Late, the Comedy Channel’s Just For Laughs series’ and is a recurring guest on Australia’s Celebrity Name Game.

A staple headliner at all the top comedy venues and festivals in Australia and the USA, Amos was recently invited by Jim Jefferies to join him on his Australian arena tour, as well as at New York’s iconic Madison Square Garden to a sell-out crowd, and then once more on Jim’s arena tour of South Africa.

SHOW THREE – Monday 14 December 2020 – Special Guest – Emma Malik (UK)

Monday 14 December 2020

Special Guest:
Emma Malik (UK)

Special Guest: EMMA MALIK (UK)

Emma Malik is a comedian, animal trainer, actor and writer.

UK student Emma was just seventeen when she was plucked from agricultural college and relocated to the Isle of Mann for three months to train pigs for the BBC. With that intensive TV experience under her belt, Emma was headhunted by one of the UK’s leading commercial agencies as a media animal trainer, where she was commissioned to work with everything from dogs participating in fashion shows to bunnies for a washing up commercial.

Already with years of extraordinary working with animals experience behind her, Emma left the UK to teach English and work with dogs across Europe. Eventually growing weary of expats and their designer dogs, Emma moved to Thailand to work on the world’s largest crocodile farm, where she worked closely with exotic animals including parrots, pigs, tigers, bears – and of course crocodiles. During her tenure at the croc farm Emma trained parrots for royalty, choreographed the largest parrot show in South East Asia and made an appearance on the first season of Thailand’s Got Talent.
It was at the croc farm that she famously met and rescued her dog Dukdik (Thai for “Fidget”). The rescue mission is a love story for the ages, involving tigers, customs departments across two continents and setting Emma back around $10,000 before the pair landed in Australia, where she swiftly landed a global reputation for training the untrainable.

The world’s “first and probably only animal training stand-up comedian”. Emma has since been busy travelling the world delivering her unique stand-up, peppered with acting and guest appearances as an animal expert/comedian on The Jim Jefferies Show, Studio Ten and Better Homes & Gardens, as well as her own web-series Celebrities Patting Animals.

Emma uses her unique platform and quick wit, audience interactions and high energy to advocate for rescuing animals, learning about and caring for all creatures great and small.