Richard Lindesay

Kiwi musical comedian Richard Lindesay is a truly unique and surprising talent. Since making his start performing stand-up comedy in Australia over a decade ago, Richard has developed into an multi award-nominated musical comedian, with a mixture of recorders and flutes, original songs, clown-like physical comedy, and sharp one-liner jokes in his act. In a somewhat similar vein to beloved quirky New Zealanders Flight of The Concords and Rhys Darby, Richard’s performances are clever, inclusive, inoffensive and joyous.

After reaching the finals of Australian comedy competition Quest for The Best in 2013 comedy, Richard made the long-term move to the UK, where he was immediately nominated for a second prestigious award, reaching the UK New Comedian of the Year finals in 2014.

After many years honing his craft in comedy clubs and festivals throughout the UK and mainland Europe, in 2020 Richard was selected for the UK Musical Comedy Awards, which discovers the best musical comedians each year from hundreds of participants. Making a huge impact during the heats of the competition, he was put straight through to the Grand Final. Richard was ultimately unable to perform in the finals due to COVID implications but was tipped by judges as a favourite to win.

In June 2023 Richard broke out on social media, with his first hit song Recorder in the Corner amassing over one million streams within a month on Spotify and other streaming services. In September he was highlighted by YouTube as a ‘Creator on The Rise’ and featured on the platform’s ‘Home’, ‘Explore’ and ‘Trending’ pages. His songs have been used on TikTok by the Paralympics and USA Major League Baseball.

Invited by the producers of British TV talent show, Britain’s Got Talent to fly to Manchester to join the 2024 cast, Richard’s performance received an uproarious response, with the audience chanting his name at the end of his set and a resounding “yes” from three of the four judges on the panel show. The episode was broadcast in late May to an audience of millions across Britain, with the videos of Richard’s performance reaching the highest ever viewed on Britain’s Got Talent’s social media just days after going to air.

Richard has produced and performed several shows in Australia, Europe and New Zealand including his one-man musical comedy theatre show Always Been a Player, competitive joke writing show the International Joke Off and Fools Suffering Gladly. In 2024 Richard took his uplifting live show Sitting in The Corner (on Stage) to perform solo in London and Dublin, before returning to Australia to play the nation-wide comedy circuit.  

Proving his staying power with high engagement on his clips and weekly live sessions on TikTok, Richard continues to build a worldwide following of over 650,000 across TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram.

Awards and Nominations:

Grand Finalist: UK Musical Comedy Awards 2020
Finalist: UK New Comedian of the Year 2014
Finalist: Quest for the Best 2013

Richard Lindesay is a master of the of art of one-liners. He brings both content and delivery that can easily go toe-to-toe with the heavy punchers in the game. And on top of that, his flute playing antics will leave you holding your jaw, and grabbing at your gut.

Tickles & Tarts (UK)

What is so appealing about Richard’s act is that it is so inclusive and resonates with everybody. Laughs come thick and fast in what is always one of the most entertaining sets of the night. Highly recommend.

Chappers Comedy (UK)

Richard’s icebreaker comedy set was spot on!

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