Rod “Kerrbox” Kerr

Born and raised in Bronte Beach (Sydney), Rod ‘Kerrbox’ Kerr is a former WCT/WSL professional surfer who’s travelled the world from the age of 15. After his retirement from the professional tour in 1994, he started working as a lifeguard at the iconic Bondi Beach. He went on to serve as a senior lifeguard for 23 years and is one of the stars of the award-winning television show Bondi Rescue, which has been on air since 2006.

Kerrbox started competing when he was young, did all of the Aussie events, amateur, pro juniors and turned professional when he was 18. He’s the only surfer to ever win the Regional, State and Australian Titles in all age divisions. “I didn’t even think about it at the time, but no one ever beat me. I pride myself on that,” says Kerrbox. He did the professional tour for nine years and made it to #6 in the world at his peak.

Kerrbox served a professional lifeguard at Bondi Beach for over 23 years before retiring. During that time, he was promoted to team leader and has saved thousands of lives over the course of his illustrious career. “We were not just lifeguards doing rescues in the water, we also had to manage the beach. Honestly, it was such hard work and there were some days when you go, oh my God, what am I doing… but I loved it,’ he said.

In 2006, Bondi’s lifeguards burst onto our television screens, saving lives and bringing their personalities to the world. Viewers have seen their most triumphant rescues and witnessed their most frightening moments. Over the years, the show has attracted a huge international following and is distributed worldwide. Kerrbox’s larrikin humour, teamed with his ability to save lives, has charmed beachgoers and viewers alike over the years making him a fan favourite.

Kerrbox embodies the Australian spirit, celebrating sportsmanship and professionalism, while having fun along the way. That being said, he’s had his “ups and downs,” throughout his journey and is looking to serve as an inspiration to those whom are experiencing tough times in their lives. His charity work includes Livin (Mental Health Awareness), Swear Stop and Surf Aid.

Previous partnerships have included Vissla, Liive Vision Sunglasses, Body Science, and Pain Away. Kerrbox is available for personal appearances, speaking engagements, TV, film and radio appearances, commercials, endorsements and water safety.

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