Emily Webb

Melbourne-based Emily Webb is an acclaimed author, journalist, podcaster and a licensed investigator.

Emily’s books Angels of Death: Doctors and Nurses who Kill and Suburban True Crime (previously published as Murder in Suburbia and Suburban Nightmare) are well-researched anthologies delivering in concise detail some of Australia’s darkest crimes. Featuring contemporary cases as well as some shocking historical murders you’ve probably never heard of, these accounts are well researched – drawing from media releases, newspaper articles, police and court reports, and Emily’s own interviews and research with survivors. With her impeccable journalistic skills and integrity, Emily always ensures that victims and survivors of these terrible crimes are not forgotten, saying, “I always want to know about the victim. You need to strike a balance and there is definitely more awareness about covering true crime in an ethical and sensitive way… hearing the experiences of people affected by crime is heartbreaking.” 

A familiar voice in the true crime podcasting genre, Emily’s solo podcast project, Killer Content – delves inside crime writers’ minds, talking to crime-obsessed authors about how they create their characters, their stories and their crime scenes, and find out what makes them tick.  

Emily has also been the co-host of the chart-topping Australian True Crime podcast for the past seven years. The podcast sets out to uncover the secret darkness lurking beneath everyday Australian life, exposing some of the most mysterious and disturbing true crime cases in the world. Expertly and forensically interviewing victims, investigators and perpetrators, the award-winning series has collected over seventy million downloads. 

In 2023 Emily joined forces with award-winning Australian true crime maven Vikki Petraitis to present their live show Criminal Conversations under the highly respected banner of global podcasting phenomenon Casefile Presents. Sure to bring a new level of obsession for die-hard true crime enthusiasts and newbies alike, the award-winning podcasters and writers will dive into the stories that have most stuck with them over their careers, with a special guest joining them on stage to discuss an iconic case that was personally life-changing and career-defining for him.  

Emily is passionate about mental health and works part-time in communications and advocacy for mental health services provider ermha365, including producing and co-hosting the podcast Get Real. She was highly commended at ermha365’s 2023 staff awards in the Lived and Living Experience Leadership category.

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