Chronicles of Kinkabelle

A fresh and entertaining approach to demystifying the world of consensual sexual exploration and experimentation, The Chronicles of Kinkabelle is set to be the go-to podcast for open and honest discussion spanning an array of aspects across the sexual spectrum.

Come play with our enigmatic host Kinkabelle as she chats freely and openly with her friends about their experiences in the erotic arena. With an aim to feed audiences’ curiosity and make us laugh whilst de-shaming sexual activities, Kinkabelle is on a mission to provide sex-positive education and insight, and to celebrate pleasure in all its forms.

In her thirties and not lacking in experience, as Kinkabelle continues to explore her sexuality she is discovering that there is still so much more on the menu to try. The epitome of the curious, sexually active, open-minded person wanting to explore what goes on behind closed doors and expand their sexual horizons, Kinkabelle invites us to join her on her exploratory journey.

In each episode, Kinkabelle chats with a different guest, invited from a deep pool with a variety of interests, and invites us to join her as she dives into conversation with everyone from sex workers, strippers, sex party coordinators and guests to transgender people, sex therapists, throuples, people in polyamorous relationships, BDSM lovers, toy manufacturers, and many more!

The woman behind the mask has trained and worked in performing arts her whole life and has relevant experience in voice over work, comedy, and public speaking. For the time being, the content of the show is revealing enough to keep audiences titillated. As such Kinkabelle will remain anonymous – the face and identity beneath the mask will not be revealed. With her honest, inquisitive, funny, open and respectful approach to her guests and the topics they discuss, some may also choose to remain anonymous which will be utterly respected if that is what they require.

An Important Message to Listeners: We really value consent and want to make sure you can give informed consent – the content of our website and podcast is explicit. We discuss very adult, sexual, erotic and sometimes triggering content. While we do this in a very sex positive manner, we appreciate that not everyone is comfortable with the topics we may cover. We are particularly aware of any underage readers/listeners/players – this content is not appropriate for minors.

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