Christian Hull

Some of you may know him as a mother of teenagers, a new young couple in love or even someone who gets super excited about folding T-shirts but you will definitely know him as Christian Hull and sometimes his wildly popular alter-ego Trish!

The comedian, writer, podcaster and prolific content creator spent more than nine years working for Australia’s largest radio network SCA as National Digital Video Producer, creating hours of hilarious content for the national Carrie & Tommy Show with The Project‘s Carrie Bickmore and comedian Tommy Little. In his downtime, Christian would shoot off-the-cuff videos at home in his inner-city Melbourne apartment.

Christian has built a huge audience from documenting his mess of a life all over socials – his hilarious characters and parenting parodies have earned Christian an ever-expanding army of 1.3m+ online followers, 6m+ likes on TikTok alone, and hundreds of millions of views. He scored himself a role in the film Ride Like A Girl alongside Sam Neil only to have most of his scenes cut – but the back of his head makes a brief appearance.

In 2016 Christian expanded his online short clips into longer-form episodes and the Complete Drivel podcast was born. Despite Christian’s assertion that Complete Drivel is ‘a complete waste of time’, the frank, honest and customarily kooky podcast is a mainstay in the iTunes Top 50 thanks to Christian’s open discussion of everything from his sexual experiences to general chit-chat and updates on his life.

 Christian began performing live in 2018 – taking Complete Drivel to the stages of big theatres and comedy clubs to 100% sold out houses – with 7889 of a possible 7890 tickets sold across 8 cities. He backed this up in 2019, selling out houses across the nation alongside Tanya Hennessy with their Low Expectations Tour. A simple clip of Christian using a T-shirt folding device sparked more joy than Marie Kondo, with the video he posted on Twitter and TikTok collecting 15 million views in just a couple of days and being picked up by world-renowned outlets including TIME Magazine and Good Morning America.

With a career trajectory taking him straight into the comedy and media stratosphere, keep an eye on Christian Hull as he brings more joy to the live arena as well as the screen.

Hull is such a delight… his appeal is far reaching and broad and the love for him is palpable. He is relatable and gregarious and so very lovable you need to stop yourself from jumping up and hugging him.

★★★★ XpressMag

Unique, comical and highly relatable

★★★★ Impulse Gamer

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