Casefile True Crime

Created in 2016 by an anonymous host with no experience in the podcasting industry but plenty of time on his hands as he recovered from an injury, Casefile True Crime Podcast has grown into a multi award-winning global phenomenon with over six hundred million downloads to date.

With a focus on impeccable research delivered in a unique narrative style, without personal opinion, speculation or bias, what began as a living room experiment became a mainstay in the Australian, US and UK charts within its first year. By the 99th Episode it was appearing in the podcast charts in 107 different countries with millions of monthly downloads. Just a few months after its inception Rolling Stone (USA) had already listed the series as one of their ‘Top Ten True Crime Podcasts You Need To Follow’, stating,

“As Casefile points out in their tagline, fact is scarier than fiction. But what the podcast might really prove is that fact is even scarier when told in a thick Australian accent – especially when accompanied by ambient, pulsing noise from a trio of professional sound designers and musicians. In each weekly episode, the narrator calmly tells a story of a devastating Australian crime. The podcast expertly covers murder and abduction, sometimes walking the listener through the criminal’s trial, and other times discussing potential theories for a crime whose perpetrator was never caught.”

With earlier episodes tending to focus on Australian cases like the Port Arthur massacre or Snowtown murders, the subjects covered have expanded to encompass crimes from all over the world. Now a professionally produced podcast with an entire team based across multiple continents, Casefile has collected numerous awards including ‘Audience Favourite’ at the 2017 Australian Podcast Awards, Apple Podcast’s ‘Best Of’ for five years running, and Spotify’s ‘Podcast of the Decade’.

Affectionately nicknamed “Casey” by millions of fans across the globe; thanks to his respectful treatment of real people’s stories and measured, compelling delivery, the anonymous host presents well-researched, unforgettable stories that delve deep into the circumstances, investigations and trials of solved and unsolved cases. With his hallmark respect for the victims and those affected by the crimes he covers underlying every aspect of his work, the host has elected to remain anonymous so as not to distract from the stories, facts, and questions – which he wants to speak for themselves and without the distraction of a host’s personality.

In 2019 Casefile expanded into its own podcasting multiverse with the addition of Casefile Presents transforming the podcast into a platform. With the mission statement of creating a space for existing podcasts to reach a wider audience, and providing a platform for new podcast projects and talent to voice their stories, Casefile Presents has allowed over a dozen stories to be told, often by people directly affected by the case they are reporting on. These mini-series include Vikki PetraitisFrankston Murders, which went straight to number one in Australia and the UK and is widely credited with helping keep serial killer Paul Denyer behind bars when his parole hearing arose in May 2023, and The Vanishing of Vivienne Cameron and Silent Waves, both of which were shortlisted for the Australian Podcast Awards (in 2021 and 2019 respectively).

In 2022 the Australian Federal Police gave Casefile unprecedented access to their case vaults to produce the Crime Interrupted Podcast, with Australian Federal Police Assistant Commissioner Justine Gough saying, “Crime Interrupted demonstrates how our agile, innovative and responsive officers keep us a step ahead of serious and organised crime… the partnership with Casefile presented an opportunity to showcase our investigative might and demonstrate the range of skills and abilities required to interrupt serious crimes.” Crime Interrupted is available as a part of the Casefile Presents platform offerings.

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