Bianka Ismailovski

Comedian, podcaster and actor Bianka Ismailovski is a natural born entertainer whose sharp wit, bite-sized sketches and sassy, body-positive clips have earned her a rapidly growing 13,000+ followers across her TikTok and Instagram accounts.

Vivacious and hilarious, Bianka spent her childhood in Perth before making the move to the East Coast – specifically Melbourne, where she was to meet her creative soul-mate and collaborator Annie Nolan at broadcasting college. The two immediately bonded and had soon established a unique new podcast, We Want To Be Better, where the pair would set themselves a challenge to “be better” – and once the challenge was up, discuss their research and results in the weekly offering. The podcast swiftly gained tens of thousands of downloads each month and reached the top of the iTunes charts.

Bianka is a cerebral creative and thorough researcher who has no problem making fun of herself. Tending to take everything with a pinch of salt and not one to shy from serious issues, Bianka and Annie documented her struggle with alcohol addiction and subsequent sobriety on a hugely popular, impressively researched ‘Alcohol Miniseries’ for the podcast. Bianka’s perspective on her decision to revert back from her married name (Thompson) is a thoughtful and enlightening episode on Identity, particularly for people in Australia with non Anglo-Saxon names and women.

Loud, funny, and downright outrageous, Bianka never takes herself or life too seriously – the only thing she does take seriously is her work.

Along with the more serious stuff Bianka is constantly creating comedy content through social media. Her hilarious stories, funny videos and relatable content see her collect views into the thousands on her posts. On stage, online and on-air, Bianka’s quick wit means there is never a dull moment!

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