Ben & Zara

Dad and daughter duo Ben and Zara have taken over the internet with their iconic lip-sync and dance performances covering everything from Aussie classics and popular 90s tracks to scenes from beloved kids’ TV show Bluey, what began as a hobby to keep the family entertained through lockdowns in 2020 has since amassed the pair an online following of over 7.6 million and a phenomenal billion-plus views on their videos.

The delightful double-act have collaborated with Robert Irwin, been reposted by Sir Elton John and had stars including Bon Jovi, Missy Elliott and Calum Scott interacting with their hilarious videos. With  authentic and compelling content that has seen them nominated for an AiMCO Award (2023), perform an extremely catchy tooth-brushing song on Playschool, and feature as guests on Sunrise and Studio Ten.

Enjoying every minute of the adventure she and her father are on, Zara says, “It’s very fun, I get to spend time with dad and my favourite part about it is lip-syncing to my favourite songs, doing dances and I love acting.”

An entertainer from a young age himself having filmed his first commercial at just nine years old, Ben notes that Zara has had a passion for performing since she could walk. With her innate talent for dance and love for lip-synching sparking the inspiration for the pair’s clips, they were a runaway hit from their very first public post. That relatively understated clip featuring Ben and a then five-year-old Zara lip-synching to the Backstreet Boys blew up immediately – notching up 100,000 views the day it dropped. And with production values soaring along with their follower count, the pair now go all out with choreography, costumes and locations for their epic clips. Zara has been an integral part of the creative process from the start, with the accomplished nine-year-old having equal creative input over routines, and a directorial eye for lighting and framing of the content.

As Ben told Business Insider, “we both genuinely love performing. And that translates to an authentic feel, because it’s a dad and daughter genuinely loving something that they’re doing together, it translates to the audience that they’re seeing something that is filled with love and fun.”

Here to brighten your day with their captivating content and genuine personalities, Ben and Zara are one of the most beloved and sought-after content creators on TikTok. With creative storytelling, infectious energy, unique bond and clean, family-friendly videos sure to bring a smile to your face, Ben and Zara’s energy is infectious – and they’re just getting started!

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