We Want To Be Better
(Annie Nolan & Bianka Ismailovski)

An upskilling podcast unlike any other, We Want To Be Better burst onto the top of the iTunes chart on the day it launched. With powerhouse duo Annie Nolan and Bianka Ismailovski (formerly Thompson) at the helm, the podcast has gone from strength to strength and has created a community of listeners who also feel that they are fabulous already, but could always be a bit better.

With a fresh outlook that thrives off humour, self-deprecation, self-acceptance and friendship; Annie and Bianka deliver a distinctive, relatable voice to the Australian media landscape. Simply put, each week the girls identify something they’re not super great at and set themselves a challenge to be better. With a funny, fresh and honest approach that has proven so popular that they collect downloads in the tens of thousands each month and have earned a combined 123K+ followers across social media, the podcasters made their live debut at the 2019 Melbourne International Comedy Festival to huge laughs from a full house!

Whilst We Want To Be Better is a comedy podcast, Annie and Bianka have not shied away from tackling big, serious topics, such as domestic violence, grief over a lost loved one, and even abortion rights. Their balance of humour, genuity and honesty has allowed them to shine a light on the often dark and unspoken things people are dying to talk about but are too afraid to. They are often commended for normalising taboo topics and helping their listeners in feeling less alone.

First meeting in 2016 when they walked into radio school and realising they were the only two women in their class, Annie and Bianka have become inseparable and, through a combination of sharp wit, hilarious life commentary and brutal honesty the girls discuss their attempts and endeavours to be, well, better. Annie and Bianka are all about grabbing on to life, giving things a try, and accepting failures along the way. Take a break from worrying about your own ineptitudes and listen to them openly discuss their own!

Annie is a kind, responsible and goofy mother of three with a home full of rescue animals. With a life that often makes headlines she’s been coined the ‘Anti-WAG’ of the AFL by the media because of her alternative family life-style and willingness to make bold statements.

Over-confident, saucy pop culture queen Bianka is like the best friend you’d find yourself locked up with – her confidence and carefree attitude is infectious. She is the voice of reason to Annie’s overthinking nature.

We Want To Be Better makes you feel like you’re spending time with friends who are on a mission for understanding themselves and others – and the live show will leave you feeling positive, uplifted, empowered… and a little bit sassy.

Always so real, funny informative and honest. I binged this all week, made me laugh, cry and look at my own beliefs. Keep it up girls! I love it!

★★★★★ Larnsy

Utter Fanboy here. This podcast is truly amazing – completely sincere but not saccharine, and the laughs just keep on rolling. Most importantly, it manages to be hilarious yet somehow managing to instill a sense of social advocacy without being preachy

★★★★★ fijisushi108

I just spent a week on holidays laughing out loud on my sun lounger like a weirdo at your funny stories. Keep up the candour, comedy and being so freakin cool

★★★★★ CBINZI

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