Annie Nolan

Writing on her website as Uncanny Annie since mid 2015, Annie Nolan has found a following of like-minded readers who adore her humour, honesty, and refusal to conform to the norm.

Her knack for being able to passionately address social justice or environmental issues, or candidly open up about deeply personal experiences while still maintaining a fun, funny demeanour and a love for pop culture has struck a chord with readers in this age of social awareness, earning Annie 100K+ devoted followers as a result.

With a distinctive writing style highlighting her well thought-out opinions, Annie is often sought for commentary by news and entertainment outlets including TIME, MamaMia, Kidspot, The Herald Sun and The Daily Mail. Her numerous TV appearances have included guest appearances on Postcards, Channel 7’s Sunrise , the AFL broadcast on Channel 7, and Los Angeles based programmes The Boris and Nicole Show and The Morning Show.

A raft of unique life experiences combined with Annie’s strong and charismatic personality, animal advocacy and somewhat alternative lifestyle has seen Perez Hilton blog about her and Paris Hilton dub her ‘iconic’. One such iconic moment was when unashamedly individual Annie famously wore a suit to the AFL Brownlow Awards. Her #bullyfreeBrownlows campaign for equality in the very different ways men and women are commented on in the media, caused fashion and feminist waves world-wide.

As bizarre as some of the experiences life has thrown at Annie have been, the writer and podcaster once dubbed the ‘Anti-WAG’ prides herself on being a people person. One of Annie’s greatest appeals to the people that follow her is that she is outspoken, but also tries to ‘walk the walk.’ Fiercely dedicated to social justice, Annie never fails to use her platform to highlight issues including her experience with premature birth and having twins, Indigenous and LGBTQI+ rights, gender equality, environmentalism, animal advocacy and life following the passing of a loved one.

Alongside Bianka Ismailovski (formerly Thompson), Annie is one half of the podcast juggernaut We Want To Be Better.

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